Test dashboard and Continuous Testing charts


After you have at least one Launcher running successful sessions, you can view the average logon time for a specified historical period. This includes detailed processing times for each component of the logon process, such as profile load and GPO processing. You can examine these metrics for individual environments. Additionally, you can set thresholds to receive alerts if the average logon time exceeds a specified limit, ensuring timely notifications to the responsible parties.

Test dashboard

The Test dashboard provides an overview of logon failures and login performance metrics. This allows you to quickly identify issues and monitor the efficiency of the login process.

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Detailed environment view

Within the environment, you can further analyze login performance data and login failures separately. This breakdown allows for a more detailed investigation of each aspect, helping you pinpoint specific issues and optimize the login process.

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Login performance breakdown

Within the Login performance section, you can view a breakdown of various components in the logon process, along with our threshold marker measured in seconds. Additionally, you can refine your view by selecting different timespans.

The Logon failure data will only appear if the system has encountered any logon failures.

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Continuous Testing charts

In the Continuous Testing charts, you can access additional historical login information. This feature allows you to track data over extended periods of time and utilize a prediction model to forecast future performance accurately.

To choose the specific information you wish to view, click the corresponding radio button from the Measurements menu on the top left.

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Exporting data and creating SLA reports

You can export data as needed and create SLA (Service Level Agreement) reports to notify individuals or groups when thresholds have been exceeded.

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For more information on creating and configuring SLA reports, see SLA reports.

Examining Application performance

To analyze application performance metrics such as application start times and virtual user workload functions, in the Continuous testing charts, select Applications from the Measurements menu on the top left. In Applications, select the specific application data you wish to examine.

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Analyzing Workload functions

For each function within the workload, you can select and gather historical performance metrics, showing the duration of each function.

Monitoring Application performance

To view high-level data on applications that exceed defined performance thresholds within the environment, in the Login Enteprrise sidebar menu, navigate to Results > Dashboard > Test dashboard, and review the Applications section.

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Viewing Application performance metrics

When you click into an application with available data, you can quickly view detailed performance metrics and observe the duration of various functions performed within the workload.

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