Adding a Location

Assigning a Location to a Launcher

Locations and Tests

Launchers and launcher sessions in map view

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You can add Launchers to defined Locations. This is to more closely represent successful connections and latency that real-life users would experience in, for example, an office branch. Having a launcher set up in each location needing to be monitored is a best practice. However, if you narrow down your selection to one location that’s not connecting to targets successfully, targeted troubleshooting can occur.

In a Load test scenario, the best practice ratio for simultaneous test connections per launcher is 30 to 1. So, if running a 100-user load test, you need 4 launcher hosts.

If launchers are attached to configured locations when a Continuous test type is in progress, these launchers will be visible in the map view.

Adding a Location

To add a new location in the Login Enterprise:

  1. In the Sidebar menu, navigate to Configuration > Locations.

Frame 61.png

2. In Locations, click the “+“ on the top right.

Frame 62.png

3. In the Add a new location window, provide your Location name, description, and city name, then Save.

Frame 67.png

Now you can assign your location to a launcher.

Assigning a Location to a Launcher

Now that you’ve added a location, you need to assign the location to a launcher. To do this:

  1. In the Sidebar menu, navigate to Configuration > Launchers.

Frame 30.png

2. In Launchers > Location (optional), select the location for your launcher.

Frame 49.png

Locations and Tests

Although you cannot add locations to a test directly, in a way the locations are indirectly connected to the test via the launchers. This, however, only works for the Continuous test type.

To view locations for your Continuous test:

  1. In the Sidebar menu, navigate to Results > Dashboard.

Frame 63.png

2. Make sure you’re viewing the Test dashboard.

3. Under the Test dashboard, click Continuous tests only, and then click on one of the Continuous test instances. This way, you’ll see more details about this particular test.

Frame 65.png

4. In the Top bar menu > All locations, select the location. These locations are retrieved from the launchers that are linked to those particular tests. When you select one location, the page will only show the results of that location/launcher for that particular test.

Frame 66.png

Launchers and launcher sessions in map view

To view launchers and launcher sessions on the world map:

In the Top bar menu > View by, select the world map view. This will give you a world map with all the locations of the launchers linked to that test and the results (summary) of each launcher/location. If you have 2 (or more) launchers in the same location, it will just add up the results of those 2 launchers.

Frame 50.png

Now, you can view the launcher location plotted on the world map. The hoverable tooltip shows connection and test successes and failures.

Frame 51.png

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