Continuous Testing: Results

At any given time, the Continuous Test Dashboard displays all Virtual User data that was gathered within the last 15 to 60 minutes. To display results any older than an hour, you will need to review the Continuous Test Results page.



End-User Experience Data

As of release 4.11, Login Enterprise is now able to calculate an End User Experience Score (EUX) used to determine the responsiveness of the digital workspace during a Continuous Test. This functionality is not available in previous versions. Now, alongside your Latency, Login Performance, and Application Performance, you can visualize the overall end-user experience over the course of a day, week, or month. 

To view the EUX Score, click the corresponding radio button. 


As of release 5.1, Login Enterprise now surfaces the EUX timers that are aggregated to calculate the EUX Score. To view the EUX Score and related timers, click the "EUX METRICS" radio button. You can use the check boxes to select or unselect the EUX timers, which will add or remove them from the chart. 


For more information on the EUX Score, see this article.



Performance Data


Clicking the "Applications" radio button gives you access to visualize the performance of your applications over time.

If you look at the image above, the left-hand menu lets you configure the chart for your specific requirements per continuous test and performance metric. Below you can see the headers that when clicked, will quickly turn the line on or off so you can see the specific performance metrics you want to investigate. Hovering over each data point on the chart will reveal the exact value for that point in time. 


To define a specific date, simply click the Calendar icon located above the chart. On the top right-hand side you can select a resolution for you data, such as Hour, Day, Week and Monthly views. You can then use the time-slider underneath the chart itself to choose the time of the day (per hour) you want to investigate further. After browsing different times, you can always get back the the current hour/day/week/month by selecting the "Now" button.




Prediction View

There is also an option to predict application performance. This will take a look at past performance measurements and calculate what your application might perform like next. Please note that this is only possible when there is at least 30 hours of application data available.