Migrating From Login VSI to Login Enterprise

We are assisting all customers utilizing Login VSI to migrate over to our latest software Login Enterprise. There is currently no in place upgrade from Login VSI to Login Enterprise. This means you will need to modify your existing Login VSI environment to point to the newly deployed management console for Login Enterprise. 

We've outlined process:


Each of these phases is detailed below with the approximate time to completion.

  1.  Discovery - We will work with your engineerings to discover the current ways that Login VSI is being leveraged.  This process will require approximately 1 hour worth of time.
  2. Readiness - We will provide you with all of the areas in which you need to prepare your environment for the Login Enterprise deployment.  This is a 10 page document which includes all areas you will need to account for.  This review will require approximately 1 hour. Click here for the Readiness Checklists.  There is one for Architecting and one for Application Customization.
  3. Accounts / Launchers - You will either reconfigure your accounts and Launchers. This will include modification to their login process or create new accounts and deployment of an installer for our Launcher.  This process will take approximately 1 hour, but can require a week or two of lead time depending upon your change management process.
  4. Configure - We will utilize information gathered during the Discovery phase to configure the applicable jobs, and components.  This process can take approximately 1 - 3 hours.
  5. Verify - We will test your test configurations to validate all components are functional.  This process can take approximately 2 hours.
  6. Workloads - We will take the workloads that we determined during Discovery, and rebuild in the new workload language.  It is difficult to provide a time estimate on this stage.  If there are only simple workloads this could take an hour or so.  A more complex workload can take several hours.  You can work with your dedicated engineer to get a clearer estimate of level of effort.
  7. Hand Off - We will review the discovery, and the delivered configuration.  We will also provide any documentation which was generated along the way for you to continue to operate the solution.  This will take approximately 1 hours.

You can expect to be engaged with our engineering staff for approximately 8 to 10 hours.  Steps 1 - 3 will generally be executed within the first week, and the remaining steps completed in week two to three.