The Application XRay 4.5. and later: Win32 Application Functions Explained

To make scripting easy we have created the Application XRay application. We distribute this tooling with all installations of Login Enterprise. It is part of the scriptingtoolset zip you can download from the applications overview. The explanation of all features of the Application XRay is based on the 4.5.x and higher version. 

If you want to know how to download and install the scripting pre-requisites please click here.

This section will explain all functions of the Application XRay that can be found on the Win32 Application tab.

A short demonstration of using our Scripting Toolkit, and more importantly Application Xray to create robust workflows in any application of your choosing:


To start the Application XRay go to the ".\scriptingstoolset\ApplicationXray\" folder and start the ApplicationXRay.exe. When you start the Application XRay you can see the below window appearing. 


"SELECT APP" button

In the top section of the Application is the SELECT APP Button, this button can be clicked, and when hover an application, the application will be outlined with an orange line. When you click on the application, you will then have selected the app and the top section will be filled with information relevant to your selected app (See below exhibit). If you then click on Find Control, hover the mouse over the application's window and press SHIFT to select the control.


Note: X-Ray has been changed to react to a button click. You can click on “FIND CONTROL” to start the search of finding objects. You can hit “SHIFT” to stop searching and lock on the object you have found.

After finding an object and hitting shift the “Control Information” part of X-Ray will be locked to that control in that state. If for example a type to control changes that object this will affect the code example (only the type part) but it won’t affect the “Control Information”.


Win32 Application

The application by default opens on the 'Win32 Application" tab. The first section exists of a few items:

  • Commandline
    • Defines the executable file location 
      • You can pre-define the location of the executable, working folder and title of the applciation you wish to start
      • Or you can start the application yourself and let it be auto-filled by the Application Xray once you activate the Application Xray.
  • Working folder
    • Defines the folder where the file can be found
  • Title
    • The title name of the application
  • Class
    • Class name of the window
  • Process name
    • The name of the process and ID attached to the window / application
  • Start / Deselect
    • When you filled in the commandline and other values yourself you can click start to start the application using the Application XRay.
    • When you click on the deselect button, You will deselect the application and get the option to choose a new app.

Control Information Win32 Application

In the section below the Win32 application section you can find the control information. Within an applications the controls are normally the text fields, buttons, table fields and other items that make up an application. The items shown:

  • Class
    • Class of the control
  • Title
    • Title of the control
  • From Tree
    • This button appears if a control within an application is selected and will popup a new window where it will show you the complete process\object tree of the application. This fucntion can be usable when buttons can not be found when hovering over them but are still find-able in the application.
    • mceclip2.png
    • You can browse through the list until you find the preferred object, the object selected is highlighted in the application for ease of use. Once the preferred object is found you can click select to use it in the application xray.