Login Enterprise Script Editor

The Login Enterprise Script Editor is designed to assist Login Enterprise admin as they create custom application workflows to be incorporated into Application, Load, or Continuous Tests. The Script Editor is available as of Login Enterprise 4.2. You can download the Login Enterprise Script editor from the Login Enterprise appliance under Applications.


Once downloaded you can open the scripting editor by executing the "Scripteditor.exe".

The requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 8 and later
  • Windows server 2012R2 and later
  • .NET framework 4.6.1

Creating a New Application Script

Application Type

When starting the script editor you are prompted with two options. Create a new application or open an existing application. When you select "create a new Login Enterprise Application" you will be prompted with a new window asking for some details. 

  • Script Location - Where do you want your application script to be saved?
  • Application type - Executable or Browser
  • Target - Path to the executable you want to test.

Browser Type

When selecting the browser option you will need to choose your browser type, and supply a URL that should be loaded when the browser is launched.

Login Enterprise currently supports the following browser options:

  • Chrome
  • Edge (v44, v42 are deprecated)
  • Firefox

Using the Script Editor

At the top of the editor you will find a couple of options. They do the following:

  • New - Creates a new application script
  • Open - Opens an existing application script
  • Save - Saves the script. You also have a "save as" option available from the drop down menu
  • Run - Saves and executes the script against your target application
  • Stop - Stops the script execution
  • Properties - Allows you to change the properties defined when creating the application
  • Application X-Ray - Opens Application X-Ray

From the options menu (...) there are additional choices:

  • Help - navigates users to the Application Customization Knowledge Base
  • Application Template - navigates users to the Workload Template library
  • Font size - users can change the font size of code in the editor
  • Dark theme - users can enable dark theme

Designing Application Scripts

Once you have created your first application you will be prompted with a default template. You can use this to build your script on top of. We strongly advise you to use the Application Xray to script your applications. The Script Editor provides intellisense for Login Enterprise native commands, simplifying the creation process where X-Ray cannot do the job alone.  


Debugging with Script Editor

Syntax errors are underlined in-line in the script, and also displayed in the Error List at the bottom of the Script Editor.


Once you run your script, the debug output will show you all of the actions done by our engine.