Managing and adding Virtual Appliance URLs

In some scenario's it is preferred to use a different URL then the Hostname or IP address of the appliance. To do this follow the simple steps below.

Open a connection to the Virtual Appliance console.


Log in to the appliance and select the "System" option.


Once opened you can see the following options and select the "Changed Allowed URLS" option.


Once opened you can see the following GNU nano interface containing the registered URLS.

To add a new URL simply type it after the last entry. Make sure every entry is separated by a ";". Example:

Once done press "Ctrl+O" to save and then "Enter"

Once saved press "Ctrl+X" to exit. 

Press enter to close.

Once in the main menu select "Reboot" to restart the appliance. Once the appliance has been rebooted you can access the appliance using the newly created URL. Make sure that the rest of your environment is also accepting the new Appliance so every part of the network can find it. 

If everything is correctly configured you can access the Enterprise virtual appliance using the new URL:



Once you have configured the new URL, please make sure to update the launchers to the latest version of the launcher. Even though its the same version, Login Enterprise updates the Launcher files with the new URL name. To find out how we update the launchers click here.