Note: Search capabilities are only available in version 4.9.X and higher of Login Enterprise

This section lets you customize action scripts for applications and advanced system utilities. To add your own application to the application list, press the "add new application" button under the applications tab.


Next, fill in the details of the desired application.

NOTE: Adding an application by simply filling out the fields in the dialog above will automatically add the application as well as configure an Application Start Timer.

Once you have added the application you can download the script using the download button. Downloading the script is a good way to backup your application workflow and it also gives you the proper file which can then be edited to include new Timers and application functions. Using the edit function will allow you to reconfigure the application. When using the edit function, you will also be able to upload and download scripts as shown below.

The application scripts can be edited using Visual Studio. At the bottom of the APPLICATIONS page you will find all the software necessary to run Visual Studio with .NetCore. Also provided is the Login VSI Script Toolset which will have additional code snippets, example application workflows, Application XRay for capturing Application Control Objects and syntax highlighting. When all three are downloaded/installed, open Visual Studio and open the Folder where the Scripting Toolset was extracted to. Go to Application Customization article for more information.


 Once you have edited the script you can upload the .CS script back to Login Enterprise. 

Note: Login Enterprise will check the new script for syntax errors before uploading. If an error exists the error message will provide clues about where the issue is located.
Login Enterprise script uploading will only support built-in scripting functions, which can be found at:  Scripting Functions

NOTE: To add custom credentials which can be passed to the application securely see Scripting Custom Secure Application Credentials