The Login Enterprise Dashboard shows you an overview of all continuous tests enabled and disabled, and all active load tests and application tests configured in the environment.

NOTE: Tiles will be ordered automatically. The environments with issues are sorted to the top of the page and beginning of the list.

NOTE: Only running tests will be shown on the dashboard


The dashboard clearly displays the health and performance details of your system, so you can act immediately when any issues arise. For example, discover as soon as possible if there’s a potentially unsuccessful login or unresponsive application in a production environment.

In the bottom left corner, there is a "virtual user" button. This will show your launcher and account capacity. Besides showing you the capacity it also displays launcher events as seen it the bottom right.

Continuous Testing Dashboard

The dashboard offers an at-a-glance status overview of the system. The main page displays all the recent functional events in all of your managed environments, such as thresholds exceeded and applications not starting, etc. You can click on the different environments to open up a more detailed view that displays the following information;

  • Logins: Percentage of successful logins
  • Application failures: Percentage of applications that have failed to start or respond
  • Login Performance: Percentage of logon measurements that have finished above the set thresholds.
  • Application Performance: Percentage of Application actions that completed within the set threshold
  • Environment Overview: Displays the amount of sessions, launchers and accounts in use

Below the overview of application performance, application failures and logins there is a detailed overview of performance results per application.


When there are any failures a red dot will be presented on the timeline. Clicking on this dot will display information about the error and will present you with the option to view a screenshot and download the log file associated with the error. If you want to find out how to troubleshoot when receiving errors, take a look at the following article.


You can then continue to go deeper in to the application performance. Click on any of the desired applications to take a look at their performance. 

Once opened, you will see an overview of the desired application. This will contain all of the actions that are measured during the workload, any events that might occur and how many measurements are exceeding set thresholds. You also have the option to change the time-span shown with the buttons in the top right.

Locations Dashboard

If you have made use of the Locations capability of Login Enterprise (available from version 4.4.x and higher) there is a button that shows the configured launchers location on a world map. 

You can find the button once you open the Continuous Testing dashboard on the upper right. 


Once opened you can see the the world map with your configured launchers and their locations.


As can be seen on the image, hovering over a dot (Red is if there is anything incorrect, Green is "all is good") will show you are more detailed overview of all connections that were initiated from that launcher. 

Clicking on it will show the dashboard in full detail for that specific location.


Clicking on the location dropdown menu in the upper left of the window you can go directly to different locations.



1)The locations dashboard shows a maximum of 250 unique locations (multiple launchers can be assigned to a unique location).

2)The dashboard will never time out, this means that it will not log you out after a certain amount of minutes, making sure that the dashboard is always filled with correct data.

3)For other pages in Login Enterprise the session automatically times out after 30 minutes.