Unique Email Notifications for each Threshold

As of Login Enterprise 5.3, users have the ability to set unique email recipients depending on the threshold that is broken. For particular thresholds, there may be particular stakeholders who need to be alerted, while others do not. This allows for more granular alerting than previously allowed by Global Email Notifications settings.


To configure this functionality, you'll first need to identify the threshold whose alerts should only go to a subset of stakeholders. To do so, navigate to Manage Tests, and drill into the Configuration menu for the desired Continuous Test.

In the Notifications section, use the green "+" icon to add a new threshold. After specifying the action that should be measured and the threshold to alert on, use the radio buttons in the "Settings for email alerting" section to choose the email options that should be used. 

  • Use default email settings: this threshold will inherit its email settings from the Global Email Notifications settings
  • Enter recipients manually: enter in semi-colon separated email addresses who should be notified when the conditions are met for alerting. This overrides the global settings on a threshold-by-threshold basis

Click "Save" to save and enable the threshold.