Leveraging the API - Advanced Password Management

Updating passwords for test accounts can be a time consuming endeavor depending on your environment and security rules.


Bulk Account Creation

Bulk account creation works well when the following two items are true.

1.) All users have the same naming schemes, i.e., Testuserxxxx.

2.) All users have the same password.


There are some instances where this is not the best solution, for example, if you have requirements for unique passwords or frequent password changes. 


API Account Management.

Note: You can find API details at <Your VA Appliance>/publicApi/v6-preview/docs/index.html

Leveraging our API, you can integrate your password updates in several ways. For example, you can create a call in Powershell to add a new account.


For full examples, please look at the two files attached for a scenario where an account true-up script will update a password or create a new account as appropriate. Please note you'll need to populate the password.csv file with proper test accounts and update lines 5-7 of the script with your environment-specific tokens. 


Line 5 Should be updated with the path to your Enterprise appliance
Line 6 Should be a token, you can create this under External notifications -> Public API

Line 7 Should point to the location of the password.csv file you are importing.