Knowledge worker (default workload)

As of Login Enterprise 4.10 (December 14th 2022) the Knowledge worker profile has been added out of the box for new Login Enterprise deployments. If you're upgrading from an earlier version you can grab a copy of the scripts here: ApplicationScriptsLE/Standard Workloads/KnowledgeWorker at main · LoginVSI/ApplicationScriptsLE · GitHub


The Knowledge Worker is designed for 2(v)CPU environments. This is a well-balanced intensive workload that stresses the system smoothly, resulting in higher CPU, RAM and IO usage.

This document describes how to import this workload work with it. In this folder you can also find a PDF visualizing the flow and actions of the workload.

Using the workload

Using the workload is done by creating an application group. Within this application group a set of applications is defined in a specific order with specific application properties enabled. The applications need to be imported separately. After this process the application group can be added to any test.

Note: This can also be done directly in a test


Each application is represented as a separate script file. Per script file you need to:

  1. Create the application with the type and target noted at the start of the .cs file (or take it from the table below)
  2. Upload the script file to the application

The applications then need to be placed inside an application group. They need to be placed in the order and with the properties defined below.


Application Run once Leave application running Type Target
KW_PrepareOffice365 Enabled Disabled Windows Application winword.exe
KW_Outlook Disabled Enabled Windows Application outlook.exe /importprf %TEMP%\LoginPI\outlook.prf
KW_Edge Disabled Disabled New Microsoft Edge N/A
KW_Excel Disabled Enabled Windows Application excel.exe
KW_PowerPoint Disabled Enabled Windows Application powerpnt.exe
KW_Word Disabled Enabled Windows Application winword.exe
KW_Close Excel Disabled Disabled Windows Application excel.exe
KW_Close PowerPoint Disabled Disabled Windows Application powerpnt.exe
KW_Close Word Disabled Disabled Windows Application winword.exe