Certificates: Import Root CA Certificate

Login Enterprise provides the ability to import root certificate authority (Root CA) certificates. When a valid certificate is imported, SSL can be enabled for AD Authentication, Email, and Database Configuration settings. Below is a picture illustrating the different areas where SSL can be enabled:



Applying a New Root CA Certificate

Follow these steps to apply a new Root CA certificate:

  1. Use WinSCP or another SFTP client to upload the Root CA certificate to the certificate folder in the appliance (e.g., /home/admin/mycert.crt)
  2. Logon to the appliance console
  3. Navigate to “Import root CA certificate” (Main > System > Import root CA certificate)


     4. Supply the full path to the newly upload .crt file (e.g., /home/admin/myCert.crt)

     5. To apply the changes, restart the Login VSI services when prompted


Note: This is not a new feature, but in release 4.10 the issue that the applied certificate was only applied to the appliance, not the Login Enterprise microservices (LoginVSI services). This will allow users to holistically enable SSL.