Public API: v6 Stable Version

When the EUX Score was introduced in February 2022, there were several breaking changes to the API, and therefore, we created the API v6-preview. That being said, v6-preview is now v6, and as of 4.10, is now a stable version. 



This has implications for previous versions of the API:

  • v4 remains available but deprecated. There will be no further changes made, and it will eventually be removed
  • v5 remains available and supported. There will be no further changes made, and it will eventually become deprecated, and removed
  • v6 is currently supported. There will be no breaking changes introduced
  • v7-preview will be created upon the introduction of a breaking change to v6. After creation, non-breaking changes will be added to both v6 and v7-preview, and all breaking changes will only be added to v7-preview.

Note: In previous API version transitions, there were non-breaking changes that were introduced to the preview version and not the most recent stable version (i.e., not all v6-preview changes were added to v5). v6 will contain all of the non-breaking changes made to the v7-preview.

To notify users of these changes, we have added several messages in the appliance, as well as updated our API documentation to reflect the stable release of v6.