Launchers: New UI

The Launcher in versions prior to 4.10 was not built according to the common coding standards, making it hard to troubleshoot functional issues, as well as incorporate new features and improvements. In our latest iteration, the code has been re-organized making for easier maintenance and enhancements going forward.


NOTE: Starting with Login Enterprise version 4.10 our launcher software will install to the following location: "C:\Program Files\Login VSI\Login Enterprise Launcher\LoginEnterprise.Launcher.UI.exe".

Please make sure update any scripting or automation that is based on the former install directory for Login Enterprise Launchers version 4.9 and earlier.


New Design

While the new Launcher does not include any new features (as of 4.10), it introduces an improved user-interface, with a better performing (faster) and more stable Launcher.



New Features

In the top right corner users can now rapidly open the Logs folder, rather than manually searching for the location.

The “Connection Details” pane contains details for each session that is launched. This information was previously only available through the logs:

  • Account: the name of the account used
  • Environment: the name of the test enviornment the session belongs to
  • Connector type: the type of connector used by the session
  • Connector parameters: the command line used in the connector
  • History: a timeline of statuses during the session