Enable EUX Raw Data

The EUX raw timer data provides more debug-able data and allows for easier root cause analysis. The EUX raw data setting must be enabled to collect this data. For versions prior to 4.9.10, this setting is disabled by default.

In version 4.9.10, the setting is enabled by default, with a data retention period of 30 days. Users can configure this period to a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 9,999 days. Users can quickly modify the configuration through the web application UI, in the System > General > Data Retention page.

Note: This retention is different than the global setting of enabling/disabling the EUX raw data.


Note: Data retention can stress the storage, depending on the size of your appliance. For this reason, the default retention period is 30 days. Changes to the default retention settings will persist across upgrades to newer Login Enterprise versions.