EUX/VSI Max Examples and Explanations

EUX Score Examples


The EUX scores above 7 are acceptable performance for your environment. Anything above 7.6 would be considered above average performance. 


An EUX score below 6.5 is considered below average. As you can see the scores of 3.2 and 3.5 are below average.


When testing for the EUX Score the Logins and Engine must be 100%


When trying to capture the EUX Score it is always best practice to ensure that both Logins and the Engine are 100% percent. If not then you’re need to resolve why users aren’t logging in and why the Logon App isn’t starting after the test user logs in.


We also recommend that the App results are above 95%. If not then we recommend resolving why the workload is failing.



System apps to tell us how laggy the system is and is telling us. We them convert that into a number to make it simple to understand


When the performance dips by 15% that will be the vsi max number


Good test example below. We want to keep things consistent without any major drops.


Below is an example of a great EUX Score. We’re looking for consistent performance across the graph. Once there’s a dip in performance that will be the VSI Max user count for best performance. Typically this is when there’s a 15% dip in performance.