Accounts: Email Field

This feature is for users who want to save email addresses related to accounts and then later use them together with custom connectors. 

When filling out individual account information in the account configuration form, users can enter the email address into a dedicated additional field. It is optional, so users can choose to leave the field completely empty. 

Email information can be viewed and edited directly in the Accounts table:


If the email is filled incorrectly, an error message is shown to inform the user about an invalid input.

The following are valid examples of email entries:

  • example@email

The following are invalid examples of email entries:

  • example
  • @email
  • example.@email
  • .example@email
  • example@email.
  • example@email@email

Usage with Custom Connectors

To be able to use saved email addresses together with custom connectors, users will need to update their launchers. 

From then on, users can add an email as an argument that will be passed when starting a new custom connector process during a test. The email placeholder in the script will be replaced with an actual email value of those particular accounts which were added to the Accounts Group used by the test.

For example:

CustomConnector.exe --email "{email}"

The email value can also be used in place of username:

CustomConnector.exe --username "{email}"

Email addresses can also be added when creating accounts in Swagger (API v5 and v6). Since it is optional, the property can be omitted.