Login Enterprise User Management Tool.

In this article, I'll be going over a PowerShell user management tool I built for the community.


Mandatory Disclaimer: This script is provided "as is" and not a supported product by Login VSI it is a community tool built to help build automation around our platform.


Now back to the fun part.


At the top of the script, I left a space to include the FQDN for your Login Enterprise appliance. This is the URI used to access the appliance from your web browser. We'll need that to run a quick test and ensure it works.


Example Code:

$global:fqdn = "appliance.example.com"
$global:response = " "


Pretty easy stuff, now for the fun part. Let's launch the PowerShell script and see the first prompt.

This is what you get after you first launch the tool.



The tool is still in development and is an early release so not all functionality is available yet, but soon. We'll go ahead and enter #2 as our selection and hit the Enter key to create a New Account Group.




Next, we'll enter our new groups' name and hit enter, as well as the option description when prompted. After that finishes you'll get the GUID of your new group and the ability to go back to the main menu.




And that's that. Super simple script utilizing the Login Enterprise API. I am currently working on updates for this tool to make it more dynamic and give it the ability to add users, get users and groups, and put it behind a GUI.


If you have any suggestions or improvements let us know.


Download from my GitHub repo: