Importing Application scripts


Importing application scripts


We've introduced a new workflow for adding applications and browser applications. The script now automates the application creation process in the Login Enterprise appliance, eliminating the need for manual details entry. This enhancement significantly simplifies the process of creating new applications.

Importing application scripts

1. In the Login Enterprise sidebar menu, navigate to Configuration > Applications.

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2. In Applications, click the green "+" on the right, and then click Import Application.

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After clicking Import Application and completing the process, you'll see a 'Validating...' pop-up message. This indicates that your script is undergoing validation

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When uploading a browser script, the system will automatically prefill the specific browser and, if available, the target URL.

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You can also configure additional settings, such as:

  • Enabling or disabling screenshot capturing on Application errors.
  • Default or Custom browser profile path.

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  • And, optionally, Application credentials:

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