Collection Evaluation And AutoAdd Rules

One of the new features that is introduced with Login AM 2014, is the support for moving computers between collections and the cloning of already initialized computers. The graphic below shows how the collection evaluation process works.

Login AM Collection Evaluation And Auto-Add Rules 01.png

As shown in the picture above, if a computer is not yet known in AM, it will query the registry to determine which collection to join. This means that imaging scenario's are now supported as well. The registry value that is used to determine the collection is: HKLM\Software\Automation Machine\AMCollectionID

IMPORTANT: The configuration from the central configuration share always takes precedence over the AMCollectionID registry value. This means that the collection configuration that is shown in the GUI is always the correct one, regardless of the value of AMCollectionID. During the initialization of AM on a target computer, the same process is followed, with the small difference that the AMCollectionID is written to the registry as well. This means that when we initialize AM on a computer that is not added to the AM configuration yet, the initialization will add the computer to AM. The registry value of AMCollectionID determines if the computer is also assigned to a collection.