Plugins Maintenance

The maintenance plugin enables an intelligent maintenance/reboot regime for the computers, scheduled on a daily or weekly basis as well as a status report email scheduled on fixed times.

Maintenance modes

The maintenance plugin provides a couple of ways to do maintenance on a collection:

50/50 - Do a maintenance reboot for the first half of the collection, and only if less then 20% of the first half has failed maintenance, proceed with the seconds half.

Rolling - Do a maintenance reboot for the first server in the collection, if that was successful, continue with next server, etc.

All at once - No intelligence, just do a maintenance reboot for all servers in the collection.

Random - Similar to all at once, except each server waits a random amount of time between 1 and (n) minutes (where n is configurable) before doing a maintenance reboot.

Collection Settings

These are the settings that can be configured on a collection level.

Setting Description
Enable maintenance Determines if the plugin is enabled for the collection
Maintenance mode Determines the maintenance mode to use for this collection
Max random delay (minutes) Determines the max amount of minutes to wait using the Random maintenance mode
Servers to exclude from maintenance Comma separated list of servernames to exclude from maintenance
Schedule Determines the schedule to use for maintenance, daily or weekly
Schedule days Determines the days to use for weekly schedule
Schedule time Determines the time to start maintenance
Pre-shutdown script Provide an optional reboot script that runs right before the server goes down for reboot (e.g. you could provide a script that sets the server in maintenance mode in your monitoring software)
Online verification script Provide an optional verification script that runs after the server has completed it's maintenance reboot, to do additional checks if the server is fully operational (e.g. check state of certain services, registry items etc)
Enable logon drain Determines if logons are drained for this collection
Logon drain time (minutes) The time between disabling new logons to the server (reconnecting existing sessions is allowed) and starting to ask users to log off.
Message to send to users The message to display to users when maintenance is starting and they are still logged on. (Displayed 3 times)
Enable reporting mail Determines if the maitenance reporting mail feature is enabled. This sends an email with a status overview of maintenance for all collections and computers.
Reporting schedule The schedule for the reporting mail, daily or weekly
Reporting schedule days Determines the days to use for weekly schedule
Reporting schedule time Determines the time to send the report
Reporting mail to The addresses to send the mail to, separated by semicolon(;)
Reporting mail from The from address to use for the mail
Reporting mail subject The subject to use for the mail
Reporting mail SMTP Address of the SMTP server to use for the mail
Reporting mail SMTP port Port for the SMTP server to use
Reporting mail SMTP credentials Credentials for the SMTP server, leave empty if none required
Reporting mail SMTP use SSL Determines if SSL is used for the SMTP server

Note: The online verification script needs to return $true or $false as a return code to indicate if all additional verification has passed.

Package Settings

There are no settings to be configured for a package during maintenance.

Enable maintenance

You can enable maintenance by clicking on the hide/show disabled plugins button, go to the maintenance Tab and select the override for enable maintenance.

Note: When system configuration background configuration is enabled for the collection, the scheduled tasks that will start maintenance and reporting will be set for the computer during next background configuration schedule. If system configuration background processing is not enabled, you will need to perform an manual Maintenance reboot on your servers before the maintenance scheduled tasks will be enabled for your servers.