Dashboard Overview

This section provides a brief explanation regarding the Action buttons in the General section of the dashboard:

  • Update metrics: This action will update all the metrics that have just been defined and/or recently updated
  • Initialize AM: This action will install the Login AM software and its current configuration to the local drive of a new machine in the collection and a reboot will be invoked
  • Regular reboot: This action will perform a regular reboot, i.e. it will not process any deployments after successfully rebooting
  • Deployment reboot: This action will perform a maintenance reboot, i.e. it will process all deployments that have not yet been deployed after successfully rebooting
  • Run background config: This action will run the system configuration, which has been setup previously for all packages, instantaneously
  • Run Startup: This action will perform a startup phase, looking for new applications, etc., and perform a regular reboot without actually rebooting
  • Update Cache: This action will update the AM cache folder of the local machine and copy any changes it finds to all the other machines
  • Reset tracking data: This action will reset all the actions performed/settings configured in the Packages/Plugins, in order to experiment with different settings/actions (recommended for DEV only)

AM dashboard view.jpg