Installing Login AM

This article describes the installation of Login AM. Please make sure that you download the latest version of Login AM.

Installing the software

To make use of the Login AM software, you need to install the management software on a server. This installation is only needed on the management server as the Login AM run-time software will be deployed on the target servers by Login AM itself.

To start the installation of Login AM, simply start the installation .MSI package.

LoginAM Installing AM 01.png

Click Next to proceed.

LoginAM Installing AM 02.png

Mark the I accept the terms in the License Agreement checkbox and click Next.

LoginAM Installing AM 03.png


Select the folder where to install Login AM and click Next.

Note: The installation folder will automatically be shared as AM$.

LoginAM Installing AM 04.png

Click Install to proceed with the installation.

LoginAM Installing AM 05.png


Click Finish to finalize the installation procedure.

Silent Installation

To install Login AM silently, the INSTALLDIR property can be assigned to the MSI.


   msiexec.exe /i AM.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\AM" /qn

License installation

In order to start working with Login AM, you need to install a license as described in the Applying the license file article.