Updating Login AM 2017-specific

New requirements:

  • .Net 4.5.2 on Login AM server & client machines
  • VMware PowerCLI (only needed when using Image Management)
  • Edge, Firefox and Chrome supported for new Web UI
  • 1280×720 resolution for web UI
  • ESXi 6.0 and up are supported for image management

New features:

  • All environment manager functionality has been moved to the web
    • Full and patch installers install IIS
  • DTAP chain is now called Tenants
  • Collections are now called Recipes


  • To update Login AM to the 2017 version, please download the file from our website
  • Now run the update.exe file
  • This will open the Update wizard (see below), click Next to continue

Am17 updatewizard.png

  • Login AM requires exclusive use of port 80 in IIS. If another website is already using this port, you will receive a prompt to unbound that website in favor of the Login AM 2017 Web Console:

Am17 port8080.png

  • Click No if you are not ready to unbound the existing IIS site from this port. This will halt the installation and generate the following error message:

Am17 failedupdate.png

Updating Login AM

The first step is to download the latest update from our website and start the process by running the .EXE update file on the management server where the Login AM software has been installed. The run-time Login AM files will be distributed by Login AM to the target machines as defined in the AM Collections.

LoginAM Updating AM 01.png

Click Next to proceed to the environment selection.

LoginAM Updating AM 02.png

While updating an environment it is advised to take some precautions.

Making a backup of the current situation didn't hurt anyone yet, however it might help you out while dwelling in predicament. Therefore, you can use the Enable backups checkbox.

The Environment Manager, installed on the management server, will always be updated to the version that is downloaded. This is to make sure the Environment Manager will interact properly with the updated environments.

Select the environment(s) you wish to update.

IMPORTANT: Even though our software and updates are thoroughly tested before we release them, there is always the possibility that an update may conflict with your specific configuration. We always recommend you update a single development environment first, in order to verify the environment is working correctly after applying the update, before updating the other environments. Just like you handle any other change in the DTAP chain. This makes sure that no disruptions can be caused in the other environments due to the update of AM.

Click Next.

LoginAM Updating AM 03.png

Wait while the update progresses.

LoginAM Updating AM 04.png

Click Next to view a list of removed variables (settings) within the environment.

LoginAM Updating AM 05.png

If there's any removed variables, you need to verify the environment is working correctly after applying the update! This could affect the user experience while working with the environment and it's applications.

Click Next to see the update summary.

Click Finish to close the update wizard.