Enterprise 4.8.X - 10 Services not starting

In some instances services won't start properly when updating, rebooting or deploying the appliance. The following behavior is show;


This issue can have two causes. Please see them below.

Cause 1 - Appliance Guard URL mismatch

Open the bash shell of the appliance via the troubleshooting menu.

Check the IP address of the docker network adapter with the following command

ifconfig docker0


Note down the IP address of the adapter. You will need to check if this IP address is present in the environment file. You can do this by using nano (or vim) by running the following command;

nano /loginvsi/.env


As you can see, the appliance guard URL does not does not match with the IP address of the docker network adapter. Please change it so they match. Once modified reboot the appliance. The services will now be able to start properly.

Cause 2 - Custom Certificates

When using a custom certificate please make sure that you also import the root and intermediary certificates. Please see Service startup issue after upgrading to 4.X (Root/intermediary certs implementation) for more information.

If this does not solve the issue please raise a ticket with the support team for further assistance.