Workload Template - Windows Calculator - CPU Stress Test


  • This workload will:
    • Simulate a user opening the built-in Windows Calculator app and perform a repeating CPU-intensive calculation. This generates a realistic CPU-intensive load.
  • The following steps will be performed:
    • Launch calc with a custom timer
    • Navigate to Scientific view
    • Perform calculation: 0.1 n! (factorial), repeating the n! function for the defined amount in global vars
      • This will stress CPU
      • On the machine used to create the workload was about ~8% usage
    • Close calc
  • Supplemental information:
    • If needed, configure the "Set global vars" section of this workload 
    • Go through the workload to understand what it's doing. Comment out any unneeded code/code blocks, or add on any needed functional testing
    • Last updated 30 November 2021
    • Baremetal development machine and software information:
      • Login Enterprise version 4.7.5 Application Xray and Script Editor 
      • Winver Windows 11 Professional x64 21H2
      • Toshiba nVME m.2 KXG60ZNV512G | 16GB DDR4 3200MHz | Intel Core i7-8850H


Please refer to the top of the attached .cs file for more information.

This workload is provided as-is and might need further configuration and customization to work successfully in each unique environment. For further Professional Services-based customization please consult with the Login VSI Support and Services team. Please refer to the section "Application Customization" for further self-help information regarding workload crafting and implementation.