Application test stuck on dashboard

In some instances an application test might get stuck on the dashboard and will stay there indefinitely. Take a look at the steps outlined below to remove the test from the dashboard.

First, identify the test stuck and navigate to the configuration of the test. On this page you will see the EnvironmentID in the URL


Copy this and save it somewhere. Next we will go to the swagger page for the environments to get the ID of the stuck test. to do this go to the following page, https://appliance.url/environments/swagger. This will present you with the following webpage.


Scroll down to the TestRuns API and open the /api/testruns option. Then click on "try it out" button. Fill out the form as seen in the screenshot below. You will need to paste in the EnvironmentID saved from earlier.


Once filled out, click on the "Execute" button and it will return all test runs of the environment. The top result should be your stuck test. Copy the testRunID as seen below;


Once copied, scroll up to the TestRunEventsByTestRun API and choose the post option seen below. You need to enter the testRunID of the stuck test here. Modify the event to say "userCancellation" and click on execute.


Once successful you can check your Login Enterprise dashboard and check if your test has dissapeared.