EUX Score / VSImax Troubleshooting

There are situations in where the VSImax or EUX score are not successful or that the results are not as what you expect. In any case we always recommend to check the following items:

  • Do you get a similar result using less users?
  • Have you made sure that every component is set to maximum power settings?
    • Hypervisor
    • VM
    • Windows
  • Have you run optimization scripts such as VMware OSOT or Citrix Optimizer.

Below you can find a number of messages you can come across when executing a load test with EUX enabled.

No VSImax score could be calculated


If you see the message that VSImax is unavailable it means that there were not enough results to calculate VSImax and or EUX. This can be due to:

  • Test duration was too short
  • Too many logon failures
  • Too many Application failures
  • Too many scripts that take longer than 3 minutes

We recommend to investigate the results of this test and fix issues where necessary. 

The VSImax could not be calculated


This message tells you that the EUX score never reached our minimum value of 5.5 during the calculation of the VSImax. We have defined that 5.5 score and lower is a "poor user experience". We recommend following the steps defined at the top of this article to improve the performance of your environment.

User count was greater than the VSImax by more than 15%


Whenever you see this message it means that the test had too many configured users in comparison to the VSImax result. For example you ran a test with 100 users but the VSImax was 70. Based on the user count we accept a difference of maximum 15 users (15% of total user count) i.e. 85 users. Anything below the 85 users will trigger the message above.

In cases such as these we recommend to decrease the amount of users and rerun the same test. The closer you are to the VSImax the better the result.

EUX Score warning


In some cases you receive the above warning. This warning states that there were not enough measurements to create a reliable EUX Score. Reasons for this issue can be:

    1. Not enough measurements configured in the test, i.e. test was not long enough.
    2. Problems with logins. The configuration of the test was good but not enough measurements could be taken because a lot of failed logins
    3. Engine failures, hardly any or none of the Login Enterprise engines started during the test, even though users were logged on.
    4. Session disconnects / failures, sessions that have broken before they could record data or during.