Manage Tests: Overview

This article explains the Manage tests page and the functionality found on this page.

To open the Manage Tests page you need to go to the main page of Login Enterprise and select "Manage Tests". 


The Manage Tests page shows the overview of the configured tests in your environment. Each test is separated by the test type. To find out more about each specific test configuration you can click the links below.



On the Manage Test overview page there are a number of functions available. 

Global functions

There are a number of functions that can be used for each test entry. You can delete a test configuration by clicking on the trash icon. 

You can also copy the test configuration by clicking on the copy icon, next to the trashcan icon. Please note that you can only copy a test configuration to the same test type. For example, you can only copy a load test to a new load test, no cross use-case copying is possible.


The copy test function will prompt a popup where you can configure the name for the new test. 


If you click on Yes it will copy the test and show a completion notice


The test is now duplicated.

Continuous Tests

For continuous tests you can configure a test to start or stop by clicking on the slider button behind each test name. 


Load Tests and Application test

Similar to the continuous tests you can start and stop Application tests, the button only differs from the continuous test.


By clicking on the play button you can start a test. To stop it simply click on the red stop button.