Web Browser Support

This article describes the different types of browsers we support with our virtual user technology and which versions are (by default) supported by which release of Login Enterprise.

Built in to Login Enterprise we try to support as many web browsers as possible. 

We support the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (chromium)
  • Firefox ESR

Driver Updates

Driver updates can be set to update automatically, or updated manually from the Virtual Appliance interface under the support section.

Support Cycle

With each release we update our drivers to support the latest and greatest version of the vendor and two versions before. We aim to duplicate the support cycle of the vendor itself (Chrome and Edge). For Firefox it deviates as it officially supports only the current release and one version before.

Login Enterprise Appliance

The rule described applies to new-installations only. When doing an update we do not actively remove older drivers, but simply add the new drivers to the installation.

Login Enterprise Script Editor

For the script editor the versions that are supported are not added. The updated script editor only contains the drivers for the supported versions as mentioned in the Support Index table for that specific release.