The Application XRay 4.5 and later: Web Browser Functions Explained

To make scripting easy we have created the Application XRay application. We distribute this tooling with all installations of Login Enterprise. It is part of the scriptingtoolset zip you can download from the applications overview. This explanation of the Application XRay is based on the 4.5.x and higher version. 

If you want to know how to download and install the scripting pre-requisites please click here.

This section will explain all functions of the Application XRay that can be found on the Web Browser tab.

To start the Application XRay go to the ".\scriptingstoolset\ApplicationXray\" folder and start the ApplicationXRay.exe. When you start the Application XRay and click on the "Web Browser" tab you can see the below window appearing. 


Note: X-Ray has been changed to react to a button click. You can click on “FIND CONTROL” to start the search of finding objects. You can hit “SHIFT” to stop searching and lock on the object you have found.

After finding an object and hitting shift the “Control Information” part of X-Ray will be locked to that control in that state. If for example a type to control changes that object this will affect the code example (only the type part) but it won’t affect the “Control Information”.

Web Browser

The first section of the Browser Tab consists of the following functions;

  • Browser 
    • This dropdown menu allows you to select your preferred browser / versionmceclip1.png
  • Url
    • Defines the URL you wish to connect too
  • Use InPrivate Browsing
    • Enables you to select InPrivate browser when starting the web browser.
  • Start browser
    • This button, when used, will start the preferred browser with the preferred URL.

Control Information

This section is about the selected control in the Website. This can be a button or text field found on the web-page. 

  • Tag
    • Tag of the selected CSS Control
  • Text
    • The text of the selected CSS Control
  • Selector
    • Selector of the selected CSS Control

Action section Web Browser

Action section shows you to select which action you wish to perform on the selected Control. 

  • Action Dropdown
    • Allows you to select your preferred action, to find out the function information please go to our scripting functions page.
  • Execute
    • Executes the selected action on the selected window / control with corresponding defined action
  • To Clipboard
    • Copy the string defined in the "Code Snippet" section to clipboard
  • Copy execute to clipboard 
    • This checkbox enables you to automatically copy all executed actions.
  • Code Snippet
    • Shows you the code string, this is the combination of the preferred action to the selected Control.