Application Groups

Note: Search capabilities are only available in version 4.9.X and higher of Login Enterprise

Starting in versions 4.5.X and upwards you can create application groups. These application groups will run all of the specified applications added to it. You can attach the created application groups to a continuous, load or application test.

To add an application group, navigate to the application section of login enterprise and create a new application group.


Give the application group a name and optionally a description.


Next, click on the add actions button and select either the applications you want or a wait.


From Login Enterprise 4.6 and higher you have the option to configure "leave applications running" or "run once" for an application. The Leave Application running feature does not close the application and the run once feature will only run the script once. For more information about this feature please see this page. This feature is not applicable to webscripts.