In some cases we will ask for diagnostic information. This can expedite troubleshooting. To download the diagnostics navigate to the "About Login Enterprise" section of the product. You will see a button called "Download Diagnostics" here.


When clicked it will download a zip file with diagnostic information about the current usage and configuration of Login Enterprise.

Diagnostic Data example

Attached to this article is an example of Diagnostic data. Simply download and extract the zip file. It contains a CSV file which can be opened in Excel.

The Diagnostic feature captures the following data in the CSV file:

Login Enterprise Server Version What version of Login Enterprise are you running
SLA Reports If SLA Reports are enabled
External Database Configured If an External Database is enabled
Email Enabled If emailing is enabled
Public API Tokens If there are any API tokens created
Launcher Versions What version the Launchers are running
Launcher Operating Systems Which Operating system is used on the launchers
Test Types Which test types are configured
Connectors Which connectors are used
Application Type Which applications are configured and what type it is
Application Used Which applications are being used
Target Operating Systems Which Operating system is used on the target machines

Downloading the Diagnostic data

Downloading the zip file is very simple. 

Step 1: Browse to your Login Enterprise Appliance and log in

Step 2: Click on "About Login Enterprise" on the main page. 


Step 3: On the newly opened page click on the "Download Diagnostic" button.


Step 4: Add the downloaded zip file to your ticket by either uploading it in the ticket portal or by sending an email to Support@loginvsi.com!