How to configure a secure Login Enterprise Launcher


To configure the Login Enterprise Secure Launcher you need the following items.

  1. InstallLauncher.ps1
  2. Enable_Windows_Sandbox.ps1
  3. The Login Enterprise Launcher installation files
  4. SandboxConfig.wsb
  5. Nssm.exe
  6. Create_Sandbox_Service.ps1


Part 1: Preparation.

  1. Enable the Windows Optional Feature “Sandbox” manually or by using “Enable_Windows_Sandbox.ps1”. A Reboot is necessary.
  2. Create a folder in the root of C:\ named “HostFolder”.
  3. Place “InstallLauncher.ps1” in C:\HostFolder.
  4. Download the Login Enterprise installation files from your Login Enterprise appliance under “Configuration > Launchers > Download Launcher Setup”.
  5. Extract
  6. Copy the folder “launcher_win10_x64” to “C:\HostFolder”.
  7. Place “SandboxConfig.wsb” in C:\HostFolder.
  8. Doubleclick SandboxConfig.wsb to run the Windows Sandbox and verify that the launcher is installed and is connected to your Login Enterprise environment.mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png



Part 2: Convert the Windows Sandbox to a Service.

  1. Close the Windows Sandbox if this is still running.
  2. Download nssm.exe from the here:
  3. Extract the zip file and place the folder in “C:\HostFolder”.
  4. Download “Create_Sandbox_Service.ps1” and place it in “C:\HostFolder”.

  5. Run “Create_Sandbox_Service.ps1”.
  6. When prompted select “SandboxConfig.wsb” in “C:\HostFolder”.

  7. A new service named "Login Enterprise on Windows Sandbox" should be visible in Services.msc.
  8. Start the "Login Enterprise on Windows Sandbox" service.
  9. After a minute or 2 verify that the Login Enterprise Launcher is connected to your Login Enterprise Appliance under “Configuration > Launchers”.


Part 3: Add additional connector software.

To add additional software like the Citrix Workspace app or Horizon Client place the installation file in "C:\HostFolder". Along with the installation files create a cmd file. For example: "CitrixWorkspaceApp.cmd"

In the cmd file specify the installation parameters for the installation file. For example: "C:\SandboxFolder\CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent /noreboot /ALLOWADDSTORE=N"


Note: Make sure to use C:\SandboxFolder as the root folder as this is what's referred to in the Sandbox machine!