Linux based launcher

Starting from version 4.4.9 we are including a linux based launcher. The launcher has been tested on the following distributions.

  • Debian 10
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Fedora 33



The requirements for installing the launcher are the following;

  • Curl (shell cmd: “apt-get install curl” or “yum install curl”)

  • XDOTool (shell cmd: “apt-get install xdotool” or “yum install xdotool“)

  • OpenSSL (shell cmd: “apt-get install openssl“ or “yum install openssl“)

Don't forget to install your connection software either.


  • PCOIP and ICA latency do not work.
  • Restart launcher machine on failure feature isn’t supported

Installation and configuration

Download the launcher from our website and place It somewhere on your linux machine. Once downloaded extract the file. Next, run the following command in the just extracted directory.

sudo ./

You will be asked to provide your login enterprise server URL and Secret.


Please use the full URL and not the IP address. You will also be asked to provide your launcher secret. You can find the secret under the downloads for the launcher setup


The installation has now been successful. You can test the launcher by running the following command.


Configuring FreeRDP

To use freeRDP you will need to edit the appsettings.json file located in the installation directory. To do so use the following command. 

nano appsettings.json

Scroll down to the connector settings and change the RDPClientPath parameter to the install directory of freeDRP. By default this is /usr/bin/xfreedrpmceclip3.png

Configuring Vmware Horizon Client

The configuration for Vmware Horizon is done in the web interface of login enterprise. Select your environment and change the connection command line to match the linux one as show in the example below.


/usr/bin/vmware-view --serverURL={serverurl} --userName="{username}" --password="{password}" --domainName="{domain}" --desktopName="{resource}" --nonInteractive

Configuring Citrix workspace

The launcher is already set up for Citrix Workspace. If the workspace app has been installed in a different directory you will need to modify the appsettings.json to include the correct path as seen in the FreeRDP configuration.