Update/Upgrade Login Enterprise from behind a proxy with username and password

This article describes the process required to update Login Enterprise or Debian through a proxy using a username and password credential.


For versions 4.9 and greater

Before an online update can be performed, you will need to configure you proxy settings on virtual appliance. Please see Setting your appliance proxy settings for more details.


Once the proxy configuration has been successfully configured, access the Maintenance Menu, where you can navigate to the Updates sub-menu to find options for upgrading versions of the Login Enterprise software, as well as the Debian OS.


To update Login Enterprise, select “Update from the internet”

To update the Debian Operating System, select “System update from the internet”



For all versions prior to 4.9

Perform the following steps to be able to upgrade Login Enterprise and the Debian OS from behind a Proxy server. 

  1. Logon to the Login Enterprise Console.
  2. In the PdMenu go to "Troubleshooting" > "Open bash shell"
  3. Type "nano /etc/profile" and press Enter.
  4. add the lines below to the bottom of the file. Update the MY_PROXY_URL to match your environment. (This sets proxy settings to the environment variables, remove "debian:password@ from MY_PROXY_URL if no authentication is needed.)



    export HTTP_PROXY HTTPS_PROXY FTP_PROXY http_proxy https_proxy ftp_proxy

  5. Press CTRL+X to exit the nano editor. Press "Y" to save the configuration.
  6. Enter "source /etc/profile" to reload the profile.
  7. Test the proxy as follows by typing "wget http://google.com"