Setting your appliance proxy settings

If you use a proxy within your organizations internal network you may want to proxy the traffic to and from your Login Enterprise virtual appliance.

Typical Usage

To set up a proxy, you will need access the Maintenance Menu of the appliance. To do so, one must log onto the virtual machine that hosts the Login Enterprise appliance (e.g. using a terminal and logging in via SSH).


After a successful login, one can navigate through a graphical menu of the virtual appliance. In the "Maintenance Menu," after navigating to the "Network Configuration" menu, enter the "Configure Proxy" sub-menu. It will display two options:


The first option (Set proxy) is meant to configure the proxy settings:

  1. Define the proxy URL, pointing to the proxy, so that all HTTP requests go through it. If necessary, along with domain names or IP addresses, one can also specify a port number. To prevent user errors and make sure everything works as intended, basic validation is implemented: no empty values or whitespaces are allowed, and all inputs must begin with http:// or https://. Only one proxy can be added.
  2. Save a list of HTTP proxy exceptions to bypass HTTP proxy for specific web servers (a list of domain names or IP addresses for which HTTP proxy should not be used). The user can enter a list of proxy exceptions, separated by commas. A few are set as default (hard-coded) and can never be removed (including, localhost, and ::1).


Another option (Clear proxy) allows for any proxy settings to be cleared quickly in one go, without any prompts for further specification.

After making any changes to the proxy settings, containers that use proxy must be restarted to ensure these changes are fully applied. Currently, it's only the loginenterprise container that uses proxy, so a restart of this particular container is initiated right after the change. 

Note: Proxy is configured for only "Updates / Update from the internet", "Updates / System update from the internet" and "Troubleshooting / Open bash shell" menu items.


Configuring Proxy in Previous Versions

In previous versions (before 4.9.4), the proxy is set in a different way. To do so, one must log onto the virtual machine that hosts the Login Enterprise appliance (e.g. using a terminal and logging in via SSH).

Type the command below, replacing the example proxy address with your own.

// If credentials are required, add them before the proxy address, separated with an @ symbol.

// Commands to set system wide proxy
export http_proxy = ""
export https_proxy = ""
export no_proxy = ",localhost"

// Command to perform Login Enterprise online update
loginvsid update online

// Command to remove proxy settings
unset http_proxy
unset https_proxy
unset no_proxy

When using a reverse proxy, you may need to enable web sockets in the proxy.