Workload Template - Type Random Sentence


This script will demonstrate how you can type random sentences using the FileCopy(KnownFiles) function and the available dotnet core libraries. This script requires Enterprise 4.1 or newer.


This workload will perform the following actions:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type random sentences to Notepad by:
    • Downloading a text file containing random sentences from the VA using the FileCopy(KnownFiles) function
    • Read the text file to a list
    • RandomSentence method will return a random sentence from the list



This workload is provided as-is and might need further configuration and customization to work successfully in each unique environment. For further Professional Services-based customization please consult with the Login VSI Support and Services team. Please refer to the section "Application Customization" for further self-help information regarding workload crafting and implementation.