Updating Chrome / Edge drivers to Login Enterprise

Because Chrome and Edge are always developing and improving their browser they release frequent updates. It is an almost impossible task to keep up with these updates so there are chances that we miss support for the latest and greatest.

So whenever you use Login Enterprise during execution or application script creation there is a chance that after a browser upgrade the Chrome / Edge script fails to work correctly. This can because of lack of drivers within the Scripting editor, Xray or Login Enterprise Appliance. 

There is a simple way of upgrading the support for each driver. To do this effectively you can follow the following steps:

1). Finding your out browser version

Open a connection to the target machine (where Login Enterprise will run or you are creating your script) and check the version of your browser. To do this please check the links below for your browser.

2). Downloading the browser driver

For each different (chromium) browser you can download each driver separately. You can download the different browsers from these links:


To download the correct driver, simply open the URL (click on the link above) and scroll down to see the latest drivers. Click the x86 download link next to the version you are running internally.



For chrome there is a different site you can find by clicking on the link above. When you open the link you are presented with a folder overview. Please located the version you are using from the list and open that link. 


Once open please download the "chromedriver_win32.zip".


3). Importing the driver.

There are currently 3 items that need to be updated with the newly downloaded driver:

  • Application Scripting editor
  • Application XRay
  • Login Enterprise Appliance

Updating Application Scripting editor / Application Xray

Once you downloaded the driver of your browser version you can unzip it anywhere you like. The file that is unzipped is called "Chromedriver.exe" or "MSEdgedriver.exe". 

What you need to do is go to your "ScriptEditor\Engine\Drivers" folder and create a folder named "Chrome(your.chrome.version)" or "EdgeChromium(your.edge.version)". The Engine folder contains the support for the Script editor. Create the folder like the example below:


Simply open the folder and paste your new driver in this folder.

Xray Tool

Once done, go one folder upwards and copy the folder you just created and paste this in the "ScriptEditor\Xray\Drivers" folder. This folder is used by the Application Xray tool.

Updating the Login Enterprise appliance.

First you need to open a console session to the Login Enterprise virtual appliance and go to "Troubleshooting>Open Bash Shell". Once open you need to execute the following command, make sure you do not use capital letters:

chmod 707 /loginvsi/content/selenium

This will allow you to write to the folder for the next step.

Uploading file
This step requires you to connect to the virtual appliance using a remote file browser like WinSCP. You can download this tool here

Once downloaded and installed you need to open the application and setup an SFTP connection to the Login Enterprise Appliance. 


Make sure you have the admin password of the appliance, this is used for the connection. 

Once open browse to the "./loginvsi/content/selenium" folder. And upload the newly created folder with the driver to this location. 

Close the connection and you are now ready! 

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