Connectors and connection configuration: Desktop Connection

Login Enterprise has the ability to run on a normal desktop (fat client, desktop, laptop) just as easily as a virtual desktop. To do this we have created the Desktop Connector. Instead of the typical connection where a Launcher connects to the desktop using a remoting protocol i.e. ICA, PCoIP. The logonapp / process is initiated by the device itself. This means we do not need a launcher when using the the Desktop connection method. 

To setup the connector in the environment (Continuous Testing or Application Testing) we need three values:

  • Environment Name
  • Connector (Desktop)
  • Description

Once this is configured you might notice the lack of other configurations as seen in the other connectors. This is normal as we start the process from the machine, there is no remote connection required. You can now configure the environment as usual. 

Continuous Testing

There are other differences of the connection setup of the Desktop Connection in relation to other remoting configurations. With continuous testing the schedule has changed from a detailed overview to a simple enable or disable button. Enabling the schedule will allow the desktop machine to start. If it is disabled no sessions can be initiated. 


The Actions list is almost the same as the continuous testing that uses a remote connection. There is a single difference. Instead of logoff at the end we have the Restart on complete. The "Restart on Complete" will automatically restart the machine, depending on configuration the idea is that the machine will auto-start / login and repeat the same progress. 

If you do not what the machine to reboot after each run you can decide if you want to run the process once or repeat it x amount of times. We have seen situations where customers want to repeat the process for 9999 times using the "Repeat all steps above" function.


Notifications are also different as you can see there are no results concerning the connection of the environment. There are no Logon Failures, Logon Measurements and Latency measurements done. Only application failures are measured by default. 

You have the option, similar to other situations, to add specific thresholds you wish to be notified on when it is being crossed. 


Application Testing

Application testing configuration is different to the continuous testing and Application Testing done with a remoting protocol. Again in the Action list the function "Restart on Complete" is added. You can again decide to reboot the machine when it is done. 


The thresholds are configurable as normal but without the Login and Latency measurements.


Logon App

To configure the Logon App for Desktop situations please click here.