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*Browser support has been added in Enterprise 4.1. Browser functions built on top of Selenium web drivers allow interactions with web elements. If on 4.1 or newer, use the browser functions instead.   


This workload will perform the following interactions:

  • This script will interact with Chrome browser. 
    It will:
    • Browse to google.com and perform a google search
    • Scroll through the results page and click on a predefined link for Login Enterprise
    • Scroll through the Login Enterprise web page
    • Close the browser window

Note: Chrome needs to start with the "--force-renderer-accessibility" flag to expose the web elements.  Incognito mode "-incognito" is recommended to avoid issues with cached data.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --force-renderer-accessibility -incognito


Please refer to the top of the attached .cs file for more information.

This workload is provided as-is and might need further configuration and customization to work successfully in each unique environment. For further Professional Services-based customization please consult with the Login VSI Support and Services team. Please refer to the section "Login PI 3 - Application Customization" for further self-help information regarding workload crafting and implementation.