| Archive | Workload Template - Stats for nerds screenshot from YouTube video


"Stats for nerds" is a YouTube feature that will output some of the video playing statistics, such as dropped frames. This workload will open a defined YouTube video, toggle "Stats for nerds", take a screenshot, and save the screenshot to the defined output path.

Please note there are possible customizations needed to both of the attached .cs files: variable definitions at the tops of the files, object data needing to be updated, and important read-mes/usage.

If this functionality being uploaded to Login Enterprise Applications, the file which needs to be updated is YouTubeVideoStatsForNerds .cs.

This workload will perform the following interactions:

  1. Open a defined web browser
  2. Navigate to youtube.com
  3. Search for and open a video page
  4. Secondary-click the video
  5. Select the "Stats for nerds" option
  6. Take a screenshot of the video with the statistics overlay
  7. Save the screenshot file to a defined path


Please refer to the top of the attached .cs file for more information.

This workload is provided as-is and might need further configuration and customization to work successfully in each unique environment. For further Professional Services-based customization please consult with the Login VSI Support and Services team. Please refer to the section "Application Customization" for further self-help information regarding workload crafting and implementation.