Launchers: IGEL OS 11 Integrated Launcher


Preliminary Tasks

  • Get the Login Enterprise Server URL (e.g.,
  • Get the Launcher Secret (e.g., 12345ABCDE12345ABCDE12345ABCDE12345ABCDE). Note this is different from the Server or Public API Secret. To get the Launcher Secret follow the steps below:
    1. Go to the Login Enterprise Launcher configuration page (e.g.,, then go to the bottom of the page and download the Login Enterprise Launcher Setup file.
    2. Open the Login Enterprise Launcher Setup zip file
    3. Open the “appsettings.json” file with a text editor and locate the secret.
    4. OR with 4.1 and higher go to the Launcher overview page and under the download section you can find the launcher secret.
      1. mceclip0.png
  • Download the Login Enterprise Virtual Appliance SSL Certificate by appending “/contentDelivery/content/CA.crt” to the end of the Server URL from a browser. (e.g., https://LoginEnterprise
  • Rename CA.crt to LoginPI.crt and Upload the certificate to the UMS by creating a new SSL Certificate File

Setting up an endpoint to run the Login Enterprise Launcher

  • Create a new profile to be used for the Login Enterprise Launcher(s)
    • Give the profile a name, description and base it on IGEL OS 11.03.100 or later
    • Edit the configuration of the profile, expand Accessories and select Login Enterprise
    • Enter the Server URL the 40-character Launcher Secret into the proper fields.
    • Save the Login Enterprise Profile Configuration
    • Assign the Login Enterprise Virtual Appliance SSL certificate to the new profile
  • Assign the new Login Enterprise profile to the endpoint you wish to use as a launcher
  • Create a Job to run the Login Enterprise Launcher
    • Create a “New Scheduled Job”, giving it a name and selecting “Start Login Enterprise launcher” from the drop-down menu
    • Assign the job to the IGEL endpoints to be used as Login Enterprise Launchers
  • Execute the Login Enterprise Launcher job from the UMS. The Launcher program will run on the endpoint (see below)
  • Verify connectivity at Enterprise Web UI –
  • Add Launcher to a group (Optional). This makes selecting and managing launcher much easier.
  • Assign the new launcher to an environment –
  • Once a Login Enterprise job is sent to the IGEL Launcher it will establish a connection to the required target environment and run the workload