Workload Template - File Save Timer


This workload will perform the following interactions:

  • This script will save a file to a specified location.
    For example: opening a large .xlsx file into Excel, then Save As the file to a defined path, then start a timer after file saving started, then stop the timer after the application's window title indicates the file's been saved, then close the application.
    It will:
    • Open defined application with file path (note, the .app file will need to be updated
    • Find the window title, which should be present once the initial file has loaded
    • Open the Save As dialog box with the defined keyboard shortcut
    • Wait for Save As dialog box to appear and find the File Name field within
    • Type to the File Name field the defined file destination path; submit the Save As dialog
    • Start custom timer
      • Wait for a defined window title to be present, which should only be present once the destination file has finished saving
    • Stop the custom timer
    • Close the defined application


Please refer to the top of the attached .cs file for more information.

This workload is provided as-is and might need further configuration and customization to work successfully in each unique environment. For further Professional Services-based customization please consult with the Login VSI Support and Services team. Please refer to the section "Application Customization" for further self-help information regarding workload crafting and implementation.