Continuous Testing: Citrix Published Apps

Login Enterprise can also connect directly to Citrix Published apps, this article describes how to configure Login Enterprise to do this. 

Setting it up

You can use the Storefront OR Netscaler connector for connecting to a Published App. The only difference between a virtual desktop connection and a published application is that the resource configured is an application and not a desktop resource. See the example below. For more information about connectors and their configuration please click here.


In the schedule you still define the time schedule that the virtual user is active.

As for the Actions list you can configure applications. It’s recommended that you configure the application scripts that correspond with the published apps. You can add in other application scripts, however if these are not meant for just the published applications defined for that user, they will most likely not work. Make sure that the application script contains a "mainWindowTitle:"*Applicationtitle*" in the START parameter. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only support one (1) continuous testing environment with one (1) Published Application resource in the configuration. 

How does it work?

When the Launcher initiates the session it will receive information from the Storefront / Netscaler telling it that the resource we configured is a Published App. This is will automatically tell the Login Enterprise script executor not to start the application like we would do inside a VM or Desktop. This means you can use existing scripts for the published apps like the default Microsoft Word scripts. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fact that we skip the start command in the Published App means that we do not collect the "App start time" value as it no longer exists.