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Accessing Public API/Swagger UI

Adding a system access token

Public API secrets

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The primary use case for public APIs is to import data into other applications, such as Splunk. This way you can merge Login Enterprise data in your preferred dashboard or data collector to have all data centralized.

The public API of Login Enterprise is built on the REST Web API standard. You can use the APIs to pull data from the Login Enterprise instance. This data can then be used for your specific goal.

Important notes:

  • Applies to Appliance version 4.5.x and higher: V1 and 2 of the Public API have been removed.
  • Applies to Appliance version 4.6 and higher: V3 of the public API has been removed.

Accessing Public API/Swagger UI

To access the Public API in the Login Enterprise, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Login Enterprise with your credentials
  2. In the Sidebar menu, scroll down and find External notifications.


  3. In External notifications > tab bar menu, select Public API.


  4. In Public API, click Public API documentation (this will redirect you to the API Reference).


  5. Under Download OpenAPI specification > v7.0 preview, click Documentation (ReDoc)

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To interact with the Public API through the browser, in the v7.0 preview, click API Console (Swagger).

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Adding a system access token

To add a new system access token:

  1. In Public API, click the “+“ on the top right.

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2. In the Adding a system access token window, provide a description (name) and the access level type for your token.

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  • Read-Only
    • Only able to retrieve collected data and configurations.
  • Schedule
    • Includes Read-Only functionality and adds enable and disable tests.
  • Configuration
    • Includes Read-Only and Schedule functionality and adds complete read and write capabilities.

3. Click Save to apply the changes. The new access token will be available instantly.

For security purposes, this is the only time you can view the Public API token. Make sure you create a backup of this key, otherwise you will need to recreate it.

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Public API secrets

An API secret is used for authentication against Login Enterprise Public APIs.

By default there are two users (clients) with different permissions, one is for reading information from the API, and the other is used for simple control actions.

Note, however, that this way of authentication is now deprecated.

  • ReadonlyPublicAPI
    • Reads data from results and configuration.
  • ControlPublicAPI
    • Allows starting and stopping environment schedules (Tests). That is, starting and stopping a Load Test.

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If your secret is compromised, you can renew it to eliminate possible security breaches. At that moment the old secret is discarded and cannot be used for authentication.

To regenerate a new secret, click Refresh next to your key or delete the old key.

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