Troubleshooting Connection Failures

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend doing one of two things, either try and solve the issues using the steps below or asking our help at You can use the steps below to find the logfiles and send them over to us with your question. 

Whenever you are running Login Enterprise for either the first time or it has been running for months there is always a possibility that a session might not be able to logon. This can be seen in the Login Enterprise Launcher that the connection failed.


To get more information we need to deep dive in to the log files of the Launcher. You can find these logfiles in the %tmp%\LoginPI\Launcher\Logs folder of the machine. 


These logs contains all of the launcher activities. When you open a file you are presented with a long list of data.


To find what you are looking for we need to focus on the timestamp of the session(s) that has failed. You can find the timestamp in the launcher overview. 


When searching in the file for the timestamp you are again listed with a number of lines that tell you what the launcher has been doing at that time.


The key now is looking for the "Event Type ConnectionFailed" as this is something that the launcher automatically sends to the Virtual Appliance whenever a connection fails to start. 


As you can see in the image above we have found the "Event Type ConnectionFailed" in the logfile of the session that has failed. Now we are very close as to finding out what the reason was. If start tracing the steps in an upwards motion we should encounter the reason why. 


In this case the reason was that it was looking for a resource called Desktop but it does not appear to be available to the user used to connect to the environment. 

The reason of the session not being able to connect can have a number of reasons that also depend on the connector type you are using but this guide will give you a lot more information on where to look for the issues and hopefully resolve them!