In the article found in Login PI 3 > Login PI 3 Configuration > Login PI 3 Eventlogger Configuration you can find how to install and configure the Login PI 3 eventlogger. 

You can find the logs in the eventviewer of the system you have configured and check in the Applications and Services Logs folder for the LoginPI Events log.

NOTE: The eventlog can be empty if your environment is running without events! 


There are a number of reasons an event is generated, here is a list of events that are possible and what their corresponding event number. 

Functional Events Event Number
Launcher Offline 100
Connection Initialization Timeout 200
Login Failure 300
Engine Failure 400
Application Failure 500
Launcher Capacity Exceeded 600
Account Capacity Exceeded 700
Application Threshold Exceeded 800
Email Failure 900
Session Discovery Error 1000
Script event 1100
Latency Threshold Exceeded 1200
Login Threshold Exceeded 1300
Email Sent 1400
Email Request 1500
Latency Measurement Failed 1700
Login Time Measurement Failed 1800
Account Disabled  2100
Technical Events Event Number
Database Connection Error 1600
Technical Event Email Request 1900
Technical Event Email Failure 2000