Scripting Custom Secure Application Credentials

In Login Enterprise you are able to configure encrypted passwords for applications. This password is encrypted and saved in a variable to be used in the application scripts. To configure this you need to open the application section of the Login Enterprise web interface.

Configuring the Credentials


You can add the password by clicking on the pencil button on the right side of each application, this opens up a popup.


In this popup you can see an downwards facing arrow with the text Application Credentials next to it. Clicking this opens the Application Credentials menu. mceclip5.png


You can nou fill in your username and password that you want to use in your application script. When done click save to save the settings. 

Using the Credentials in an application script

The credentials are transformed in to an variable that can be used during scripting. There are two variables that you can use in the script called:

  • ApplicationUser
  • ApplicationPassword

To use this you can use the following command when you want to type it in to a window. We assume that the user is called Login VSI and the password is Password!


The result would be:



The option hideInLogging is best to be used when using passwords as this function hides it from logging so there is no potential security breach.